All About Whitepapers

The blockchain industry isn’t as traditional as other industries, as a result, it can be difficult for many people to learn about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We’ve created this helpful guide to effectively read any cryptocurrency whitepaper. Enjoy!


What is a Whitepaper?

Why a Whitepaper?

Different Kinds of Whitepapers:

- Problem/Solution

- Bluepaper

- Yellowpaper

All About Whitepapers:

Does Every Crypto Have One?

Are Whitepapers Lengthy Reads?

The First Cryptocurrency Whitepaper

Bitcoin is Created


Whitepapers Today

Conclusion — a few key points:

  1. Whitepapers are important to show: goals, projections and problem/solutions. It is in the businesses best interest to include honest data in the whitepaper, in order to appeal to different traders and interests throughout the world.
  2. One of the main purposes of a whitepaper is to catch the eye of the reader. Writers of whitepapers want to have exciting, promising, and sustainable information.
  3. When reading a whitepaper it is important to remain objective and a diligent as possible. It is important to learn to identify and understand this information. If you don’t, you’ll find that businesses often exaggerate information in order to increase speculation around their project.
  4. There are 40 different whitepapers in the original publishing: [here ]. Examine and cross reference these, come up with your own conclusions about different cryptos, their futures, and how they plan on achieving those futures. This is fundamental when examining a projects fundamentals.


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