Building on Blockchain pt. 7 ft. Carl Fravel

2 min readMar 6, 2020


We’re proud to present the seventh part in our series with Carl Fravel, an adviser to Decentraland, the Chancellor of Decentraland University & Professor at the VR Academy. Building on Blockchain is an interview series, to find details on this series start here.

Summary: In this episode of Building on Blockchain, I sit down with Carl Fravel. Carl is an adviser to the Decentraland project, he’s been nominated as Chancellor to Decentraland University, he’s a professor at the VR Academy where he has created a free course on building virtual reality scenes in Decentraland. He’s also known for authoring a book about building scenes in VR using Sansar.

What is Decentraland? Decentraland is an open-sourced Ethereum-powered 3D virtual reality platform. In this virtual world, you may purchase plots of land that you can later traverse, build upon, and monetize. There’s no limit to what you can do. It’s the first digital platform that’s completely owned by its users. Decentraland uses its own cryptocurrency called MANA.

Decentraland held its ICO (initial coin offering) in August 2017, raising $25.5 million in under a minute. The VR world will be launching in 2 weeks on February 20th, 2020.

Learn more about Decentraland here:

Topics covered:
— Carl’s background and getting into cryptocurrency, blockchain & VR
— Becoming an adviser to Decentraland and Chancellor to the University
— Looking at blockchain, cryptocurrency, VR and the potential of the tech
— Using VR to overcome disabilities
— Decentraland Launching
— What Decentraland will look like a few years down the road
— Teaching others to build worlds in VR
— Identity experimentation in VR
— Where blockchain meets VR
— Governance, Consensus, Democracy & Decentraland
— What’s most exciting about crypto/blockchain in next 15–20 years
— Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
— How I found out about Decentraland

Below is our interview with Carl Fravel-

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