Building on Blockchain pt. 8 ft. Didi Taihuttu

2 min readMar 6, 2020

We’re proud to present the eighth part in our interview series with Didi Taihuttu, a father and member of The Bitcoin Family. Didi is also an entrepreneur, author, adviser, speaker, influencer, adventurer & legendary digital nomad. Building on Blockchain is an interview series, to find details on this series start here.

Summary: In this episode of Building on Blockchain, I sit down with Didi Taihuttu. Didi is an entrepreneur, author, adviser, speaker, influencer, adventurer & legendary digital nomad. He is also a father of three and a member of The Bitcoin Family.

Didi is very passionate about his life and his family and they spread a message of minimalism, independence and economic self-reliance. Didi and his family have become known as The Bitcoin Family in the past few years; this all started when they sold their house, their car, their belongings and everything else to buy Bitcoin and to pursue a minimalist digital nomad lifestyle.

Many people first found out about Didi’s decision to abandon the traditional finance system for crypto from articles like this:

Topics covered:
— Didi’s background story/ getting introduced to crypto
— The moment he knew he was going all-in on cryptocurrency
— Changing to a minimalist digital nomad lifestyle
— Becoming The Bitcoin Family and leaving home
— The potential of cryptocurrencies and P2P networks
— How the industry has changed since Didi entered
— Advice for someone just starting to learn about crypto
— Some things Didi has learned since leaving home
— Super memorable digital nomad moments
— What’s next for The Bitcoin Family
— Tips & Tricks to becoming a digital nomad yourself
— A dozen fun and irrelevant questions that reveal a little about Didi Taihuttu

Below is our interview with Didi Taihuttu-

A big thank you to Didi Taihuttu for giving us the pleasure of an interview and encouraging freedom in so many different shapes and forms. We support you and your family’s mission!

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